In today’s modern workspace, we no longer see employees chained to their desktop computers, working from 9 to 5. We’ve entered an era where many businesses no longer adhere to standard work hours or traditional offices, as a result secure remote file access software of digital files and folders is more important than ever. FileWay is certainly the solution your business has been waiting for. In short, FileWay installs on your network to provide your users with secure web based remote access to the documents they need to work efficiently and effectively, no matter where they are. Whether your employees are using a Windows laptop, an Apple iPad or an Android phone, FileWay allows access to files from any browser, operating system or mobile device, from anywhere in the world.

For everyone

Whether it’s a government department, a school or college, a corporate enterprise, a real estate agency, a law office, or a multimedia company, if your organization has a requirement to provide employees with secure remote access to files and folders, or to exchange documents with other organizations in a timely and secure fashion, then FileWay’s capabilities will certainly meet your needs. Cost-effectively extend your internal resources to remote workers, field employees, partners, suppliers, travellers, and students, with no concerns regarding security or productivity.


In the midst of the growing emergence of content security concerns related to widely-available and ever-prevalent cloud services, FileWay is a Secure Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization (EFSS) Software. Your documents remain on your server, and under your control, but are accessed just as easily as if you were sitting at your office workstation. FileWay allows users to upload, download, view, e-mail, rename and delete files and folders with no restrictions, whether they’re in the office, at home, at a customer site, or on the road.

And Flexible

Our software is easily integrated into your existing enterprise systems and technologies, as a result it is easy to install and deploy. FileWay offers several flexible licensing models to meet all of your remote access needs, whatever they may be. Let us help make your life easier!