FileWay to Varonis DatAnywhereFileWay is the best replacement to Varonis DatAnywhere

After February 2020 Varonis will offer limited support for DatAnywhere. We are here to help! FileWay offers the same features as in DatAnywhere and much more.

FileWay provides users with access to the documents they need from any browser-enabled device, no matter their location.

Our flexible licensing is ideal for large environments that provide remote file access with limited budgets, and equally cost-effective for small environments with a limited number of users.

Administrators can customize access and also functionality on a user-by-user or group-by-group basis, giving the user full or limiting access to resources.

Furthermore, FileWay integrates with Active Directory (AD), making set up easy for even the largest organizations. When changes are made to AD, FileWay is dynamically updated.

The similarity of FileWay to DatAnywhere means no learning curve for the end-users. And, you can deploy our robust and reliable software on your Windows environment without specialist skills.

Above all, we offer outstanding support to ensure that your transition to FileWay is as smooth as possible.

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