FileWay is a cost-effective, secure, remote file access solution with flexible licensing model to suit any budget

FileWay is traditionally licensed for concurrent user connections and not the total number of users registered. With this type of licensing model, the system administrator can provide FileWay access to as many users in their organization as they like, but depending on the organization’s license size, only a set number of those users will be able to connect at the same (concurrent) time.

Concurrent user connection licensing is ideal for large environments required to provide remote file access capabilities within limited budgets. It is equally cost-effective for small environments with limited number of users.

As demand fluctuates over time, the client administrator can easily upgrade or downgrade their license size to accommodate those changes.

Our licenses are offered as either perpetual or annual subscription.  Whatever best suits your budget.

Special Discounts:

We offer special discounts to governments, educations and for not for profit organizations.

Contact us today and we’ll help you customize FileWay to suit your specific needs!