Secure In-house Enterprise File Sharing

FileWay is on-premises secure Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) software that provides your organization’s web-enabled users with access to the documents they need to work efficiently, no matter their location or the device they are using. Your users can remotely access important files, and folders, whether they’re at home, on the road, or on-site with a customer. With FileWay’s secure file sharing, users have all the functionality that they would if they were working directly on their office workstation; they can upload, download, view, e-mail, rename, delete files and folders and edit documents online. They can also share documents with others with secure time-expiry links. By enabling secure file sharing for business, it helps your company maintain peak productivity while realizing full value from your IT infrastructure.

FileWay’s secure file access software offers intuitive, user-friendly functionality, and allows the user to tailor settings according to their specific preferences, or administrators to customize functionality on a user-by-user or group-by-group basis. It integrates fully with existing enterprise systems, and since there’s no client-side software to install or maintain, there are no new support burdens introduced. It is a cost-effective remote file manager for business that can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs and budget.

Use FileWay to build your own secure in-house private cloud and control your data and user access.


FileWay Features You’ll Love:

Mobile Secure File Transfer Software
for Mobile

FileWay supports all Android and Apple mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, to provide users with secure file sharing on the go!

Support for WebDav Protocol
Support for WebDav protocol

FileWay Drive performs like a WebDav gateway, and allows users access to their office documents from their home computers with no need for VPN.

OWA Integration
for OWA

FileWay integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access (OWA), creating a secure, instant access to e-mails and documents, with no need for VPN.

Enhanced SharePoint Capabilities
Enhanced SharePoint capabilities

FileWay brings additional resources to SharePoint, and allows users to access personal folders, as well as folders not on SharePoint drives.

Exchange Documents Securely

AttachLink feature allows authorized users to exchange documents with others with secure time expiry links.

Active Directory Integration
Active Directory integration

FileWay Manager allows for dynamic, live Active Directory (AD) integration. When changes are made to AD, FileWay is dynamically updated.

NetStorage for Windows
NetStorage for Windows

If you’re migrating from Novell to Windows, don’t leave NetStorage and NetFolder capabilities behind! FileWay enables permission-based access to user documents from anywhere!


FileWay Executive Summary

FileWay Executive Summary
FileWay Brochure

FileWay Brochure

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